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Maureen "Mo" Redmond

Updated: Jul 1, 2019

Making the Years Count...Not Counting the Years

Mo has been a member of Rock Fitness for two years. At age 69, her smile lights up the room and she inspires the other gym members half her age with her positive attitude, determination, and patience. Mo believes that training at Rock Fitness has made her a stronger person. Seizing the opportunity to use the gym as the jumpstart to her day, she has vastly improved her strength and balance, increased her energy (which is at an all-time high), and feels good about herself each time she accomplishes the goal of showing up and getting the work done. Completing a workout at Rock Fitness is no small feat, and Mo appreciates the coaching staff and other athletes that are there to cheer her on. For anyone interested in giving Rock Fitness a try, Mo says, "Come have fun, strengthen your muscles, increase your energy, and feel good about and your mind will feel better and your body will thank you."

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