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Susan Deboer…Better Than Yesterday

By Natalie Moncrief

Susan DeBoer has lived in Placer County for 20+ years. She’s a realtor, the mother of two teenage boys, and has been a member of Rock Fitness for over four years!

Susan has always been active. She was a swimmer and a diver in high school, has had various gym memberships, and enjoyed participating in activities with her kids. However, before joining Rock Fitness she wasn’t working very hard at staying fit. It only took a couple of workouts for her to realize that Rock Fitness was where she needed to be to keep her going and keep her strong.

Rock Fitness has had a positive influence in her life because it is a place where she can feed her mind, body, and soul. Susan gets her energy from people and she appreciates the opportunities she’s had over the years to meet a variety of folks, from all walks of life, that share the same goal of improving their health.

Susan loves the one-on-one attention that is given to the athletes during each class. She respects that the coaches provide personalized feedback to simultaneously challenge you and keep you safe. In addition to the various fitness and nutrition challenges offered throughout the year, which keep her accountable and inspired to continue working toward her goals, Susan loves that the community feels like a family and promotes a supportive environment. She believes in living by example and wants to continue to teach her boys that through adversity you “show up, rise up, and be better than you were the day before.”

One of Susan’s biggest accomplishments since being a member of Rock Fitness was participating in a functional fitness competition. Other highlights include a significantly decreased mile time and finally getting her Toes to Bar!

Susan is adored by all the Rock Fitness members. She brings a sense of humor to class…and even though she’s an OG, she’s young at heart and through the toughest of workouts keeps us smiling with her. Apparently, we’re never getting rid of her but that’s okay by us!

Whether you’re looking to start or enhance your fitness journey, Susan encourages you to join Rock Fitness because it doesn’t matter where you are on the fitness spectrum. “We’re all different ages, shapes, sizes…we’re here, we’re supporting one another…the coaches are going to work you to your ability.”

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