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Not sure if you're ready for group classes? Afraid you will be completely lost in class? No need to worry...get started with On-Boarding...

What is On-Boarding?

On-Boarding is a program we have designed to familiarize and safely teach an athlete how to do basic movements through approximately (3) three 45-minute sessions. This sessions are done one-on-one or in a very small group (example: husband/wife) with a coach.

What is the purpose of On-Boarding? 

Coaching Advantage: On-Boarding gives the coach an opportunity to get to know the athlete's current fitness abilities, needed modifications and personal goals to better serve them in a group class.

What is the purpose of On-Boarding? 

Athlete Safety: This one-on-one time between the athlete and coach is valuable in teaching correct form and therefore making the athlete as safe as possible. 

Enhanced Athlete Experience: We have found that if an athlete is comfortable with the basic movements, the gym equipment and the coach then they have a better overall experience in the group classes.

What is the cost of On-Boarding?

The cost of On-Boarding is typically around $50. The cost may vary based on how many sessions are needed. Your first session is always FREE! Sign up below.

When are On-Boarding sessions?

On-Boarding sessions are scheduled by appointment with your coach. 


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