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Progress, Not Perfection

If there were an award for "Least Patience Person in the World" I would definitely be a front runner! Like Veruca Salt, from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, sometimes my mind says "But I want it now!". Not a pretty picture.

At times, fitness journey has been no different. From the minute I saw someone do a kipping pull-up I knew I wanted to I wanted to lose 20 lbs...yesterday. I wanted to run faster and farther...immediately. I soon learned, like most things, anything actually worth having takes time and hard work.

Now, most days, my goal is just to get a little bit better than I was yesterday. I've learned that the reward isn't only in accomplishing the goal but how you develop as a person/athlete/coach/friend through the journey.

I worked relentlessly on that kipping pull-up for over 3 months. Every day after class I would throw those bands up on the bar, strap my foot in and practice the movement over, and over again. Every ripped callus, every bruise, every failed attempt made achieving that first pull-up that much sweeter.

Stop worrying about getting everything now and appreciate the journey. Strive for progress towards your goals, not perfection. Focus on what your accomplishments and celebrate them, no matter how big or small.

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