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Rock the WOD

Fitness Competition 2021

Are you ready for a GOOD TIME!?!

Grab two teammates and get pumped for your chance to stand atop the podium!


WHO: Any member of Rock Fitness can participate! If needed, a non-member may be invited to complete a team (waiver must be completed at time of registration).

WHAT: This is a functional fitness competition designed for everyone! 8 teams, 2 divisions (4 Intermediate and 4 Scaled). Teams, within their respective divisions, will compete for a one-of-a-kind medal and the chance to win a prize bag of immeasurable treasures. FOUR WODs will be completed per team over the course of the day. Guests will be allowed to attend and cheer from the sidelines (you may want to invite folks willing to give you a massage in between WODs). WODs are listed below registration form.

WHERE: Rock Fitness, 4141 Citrus Ave #4, Rocklin

WHEN: Saturday May 1st, 8:00am-1:00pm

WHY: Have you ever wanted to test all the hard work you put in? Have you ever wanted to team up with your besties for a workout, or 4? Do you like friendly competition? Are you interested in getting a pass on household chores for the weekend?

HOW: Gather a team of 3 together, pick a team name, determine your competition division, register, and pay…yes, it’s that simple.


SPACE IS LIMITED to 8 teams (4 Intermediate and 4 Scaled)…don’t miss your chance, sign up ASAP!!

Please submit ONE Google Form/team (below).

$210/3-person team – Venmo or Cash ONLY!!

Upon receipt of payment, you will be allowed to pick a team shirt color (there are 8 different colors, no duplicates will be permitted). This is a first come first serve basis, so the sooner you register AND pay the sooner you get to determine the fate of your team color.



WOD descriptions are provided below as a means for determining your team’s division (Intermediate or Scaled). WOD details and movement standards will be released after registration closes. WODs are subject to change.

MI = Male Intermediate

MS = Male Scaled

FI = Female Intermediate

FS = Female Scaled


15-Minute Time Cap


- Wall Balls
- Double Unders*
- Sit-ups
While 1 partner holds a pre-loaded barbell in the front-rack position.


In the Remaining Time
- Maximum Front Squats

Wall Ball Variations:
MI – 20#/10’
FI – 14#/9’
MS – 14#/10’
FS – 10#/9’

*Rope Jump Variations:
All Divisions - 50-40-30-20-10 DU -OR- 75-60-45-30-15 SU
DU – Double Unders
SU – Single Unders

Team choice for DU or SU. Whatever the team chooses ALL athletes of the team must do the same movement.

Front-Rack Hold / Front-Squat Variations:
MI – 95#
FI – 55#
MS – 65#

FS - 35#


Each athlete, working one at a time, will have 2 minutes and 30 seconds to complete:

- Buy-in Row 20/15 Calories*
- Bench press for maximum reps

Bench Press Variations:
MI – 115#
FI – 75#
MS – 85#
FS – 45#

Row Variations:
All Males – 20 calories
All Females – 15 calories


10 Minute Cap
- 2 minutes to warm up

- 8 minutes to Accumulate Maximum Tonnage of Ground to Overhead (G2OH)


With a 15-Minute Running Clock
Containing Three 5-Minute Rounds

Each 5-minute round will be:
- Buy-in 50 Synchro Russian Dumbbell Swings (2 athletes)

Remainder of 5-Minute Round
One Athlete AMRAPS
- 4 Chin-Over-Bar Pull-Ups* -OR- 8 Ring Rows
- 8 burpee box overs

DB Variations:
MI – 50#
FI – 35#
MS – 35#
FS – 25#

*Pull-Up Variations:
All Divisions – Chin over Bar or 8 Ring Rows
Each athlete may choose which variation they will do. Whatever the athlete chooses they must stick with through the entire workout. For scoring purposes every pull-up is worth 2 reps so as to equalize the scoring depending on whether the team chooses pull-ups or ring rows.

Box Variations:
MI - 24in
All others - 20in

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