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3 Movements to a Deeper Squat

The fitness athlete must be able to perform a full depth squat.

The squat is the single most important training tool for developing hip power in athletes and having proper mobility and technique is crucial to performing the squat.

Lack of hip flexibility is often the most common problem that prevents people from squatting to proper depth.

Hip flexion, which is the term for a decrease in the angle between the thigh and pelvis, is likely the problem. There are several small muscles involved in hip flexion, and if they can’t move through a full range of motion, you are going to have a lot of trouble squatting correctly.

Try these stretches 3-4 times a week, spending just 2 minutes on each side! That's just 10 minutes. Let me know how it goes!

Couch Stretch (curtesy of ( )

The Couch Stretch targets the anterior aspect of the thigh and the hip flexors.

Be sure to engage the abdominal wall to prevent arching the back.

Squeeze your glutes and your left glute in particular. Keep squeezing throughout the mobilization. This will stabilize your lower back and correctly position your hip joint.

Quad Rocking (curtesy of

Note the knees can't track forward excessively and it forces us to sit the hips between the heels.Remember to keep the feet flat on the wall. In the deepest part, drop the chest toward the ground. Don't allow the low back to round.

"World's Greatest Stretch" (curtesy of )

This stretch has 4 parts to it.

First, start by assuming a deep lunge position with your left leg forward. Squeeze your glutes and drive you hips toward the floor. This movement should cause a stretch to be felt in the front of the right hip.

Second, drop your left elbow to the ground. Hold for 5 seconds.

Next, use your elbow or hand to drive your left knee out to the side. Make sure to keep your foot firmly planted on the ground. 

Finally, rotate the entire upper body up and to the left, ending with the left arm in the air.

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