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What's in my gym bag?

By Jamie Wuerthner

Not sure what to get your favorite gym rat? Here's our favorite products!

1. Rock Tape Knee Sleeves - 5mm thickness is great for lifting and still allows for good range of motion when box jumping or rowing.

2. Rogue SR-1 Speed Rope - Customize to fit your height!

- No more slipping off the pull up bar!

4. Callus Shaver - Taking care of your hands is number one when preventing blisters and rips.

5. Winnie's Rip Fix - If you do rip, Winnie's speeds up the healing time.

6. Lifters - Adidas, Reebok and Nike all make great lifters.

7. Nike Metcon's - When looking for a shoe to wear during metcons try to find something with a hard, flat sole.

8. Wrist Wraps - Extra support for your wrists when lifting.

9. WOD Wax - There's nothing like getting a good barehanded grip on the bar!

10. Liquid Chalk - Liquid chalk is less messy and stays on your hands longer!

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