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Amy Abelar...Positively Loyal

By Natalie Moncrief

Amy Abelar has been a member of Rock Fitness for about 3 years. She’s done a little bit of everything when it comes to staying fit -- yoga (got bored), personal training (found it to be an expensive way to stay accountable), gym memberships (thought many gyms were click-ish and felt awkward being the new person; creating her own routines proved difficult so she was often unmotivated to complete a workout). Rock Fitness was the first place she ever enjoyed the people and doing the workouts!

Rock Fitness has been a positive influence in Amy’s life because it’s helped her stay consistent with her fitness routine. The friendliness of the members and the diversity of the workouts has kept her coming back.

One of Amy’s favorite aspects of being a Rock Fitness athlete is the constantly varied programming. The classes run on time and are very organized, so she gets a comprehensive full-body training experience in an efficient and timely manner. Additionally, as a small business owner herself, Amy appreciates that the owner of Rock Fitness routinely asks for feedback from the members to make sure the needs of everyone are being met as best as possible.

Amy is most proud of her changed mindset when it comes to working out. She didn’t used to like working out but would do it for the inherent benefits of staying fit. The positive, motivating, and encouraging coaches, paired with the accountability that comes from developing relationships with fellow teammates, has allowed her to create a healthy relationship with exercise rather than just doing it because she knows she should.

Amy is a superstar on the gym floor. She arrives ready to put in the work and is a great cheerleader for her fellow athletes. Major life events (e.g., planning a wedding, getting her Masters, and expanding her business) haven’t stopped her from continuing to keep her fitness at the forefront!

Amy recommends that you give Rock Fitness a try because as a new person you’ll immediately be welcomed and won’t feel like you’ve been swept into the void. As well, the coaches are happy to modify any workout and/or movement to suit your current ability. “No matter what your skill level is or if you’re coming back from an injury, they can modify things for you.”

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