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JOHN VEASEY III...No Bull, No Excuses

By Natalie Moncrief

John became a member at Rock Fitness about 8 months ago. He is 23 years old and has been working at Chick-fil-A while waiting to get accepted into the Air Force.

Admittedly, John’s pre–Rock Fitness training was hard because he didn’t have a training plan. He bounced around between various Globo gyms and ended up not being a fan of the instability.

Training at Rock Fitness proved to be a positive light in John’s life because he joined during the pandemic, when many other opportunities for social interaction and physical fitness were shut down. He was able to meet new people, develop unexpected friendships, and improve his physical and mental health.

John loves the coaching he receives at Rock Fitness. He appreciates the training tips and skill development techniques that are provided during each workout. He has never pushed himself as much physically as he has while being at Rock Fitness, and he loves it!

John is proud of his strength gains in all the lifting movements, especially since he’d never done them prior to joining Rock Fitness. In addition to his speed and endurance vastly improving, his core strength has improved as well, allowing him to become proficient with toes-to-bar and kipping pull-ups! John’s crowning achievement was his team placing second in his first ever CrossFit-style competition.

John is a great athlete and team player…he shows up with a positive attitude and ready to learn. We will be sad to see him leave but are proud of him for pursuing his dreams. We can only hope that Rock Fitness was a small part of preparing him for his future.

If you’re considering joining Rock Fitness, John says, “You’re going to enter a community that’s super positive and uplifting. You get a really solid community, you get a great coaching staff that helps you build yourself up, and then you also get the challenges that you’re going to be able to break through.”

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