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Amy Settles...A Smile as Bright as the Sun

by Natalie Moncrief

Amy Settles joined Rock Fitness about 2 years ago. She’s 44 years old, has two children, and works as a second-grade schoolteacher.

Before she became a Rock Fitness member, Amy worked out at California Family Fitness. She was also an avid runner, running about 100 miles a month for 2-3 years! Amy felt like her fitness was plateauing at the gym, and after running her first marathon in 2018 she got in a rut and felt like she needed something more. Amy attended, and very much enjoyed, a handful of community workout events hosted by Rock Fitness over the years. One of the coaches eventually convinced her to give Rock Fitness a full-blown try and the rest is history!

Training at Rock Fitness has had a positive influence in Amy’s life because it has brought awareness to her nutrition and how to better take care of herself. The challenging workouts have taught her that she’s stronger than she thought she was.

One of the aspects of being a Rock Fitness member that Amy loves most is that the workouts are new every day. She loves that she’s not bored even after two years! She loves the community and looks forward to working out with the friends that she’s made. Amy loves that her fellow athletes are all so friendly, encouraging, and supportive. Knowing that she won’t always do it on her own, Amy appreciates that the coaches will “gently” push her out of her comfort zone when it’s safe to do so. This has allowed her to attain milestones she never thought possible.

Amy is most proud of not giving up when personal frustration sets in. She admits to being her own worst critic, so developing a more positive mindset has allowed her to be proud of her accomplishments without comparing herself to others. She has learned a variety of new skills, including toes to bar, double-unders, and box jumps.

For anyone considering Rock Fitness, Amy says, “Just do it! There is such a great sense of camaraderie here. Rock Fitness will challenge you in a way that you didn’t know that you really wanted but you really love it after you do it.”

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