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Bri…Brilliantly Humorous

by Natalie Moncrief

Bri Harris is 35 years old and has been a member of Rock Fitness for about 3 years.

Prior to joining Rock Fitness, she was an avid Beach Body follower, spent time at another privately owned gym, did some personal training, and worked out at a variety of “Globo” gyms. She reached a point where she felt she needed to lift heavier, and just do something different. She saw Rock Fitness on Facebook and joined!

Training at Rock Fitness has helped her find a routine, become stronger, and improve her eating habits (sometimes). She’s developed unexpected friendships and enjoys the community aspect just as much as the workouts.

Bri loves pushing herself, such as beating previous lifts and increasing her unbroken double-unders. She loves that the workouts are always challenging and that the coaches encourage her to train her weaknesses and push where they know she can thrive. Bri likes to know what to expect, so she appreciates the app that members get to use to see the workouts in advance, track scores, etc.

Bri is proud of her ability to have worked through many of her pre-existing injuries. She played volleyball for 19 seasons straight, so her knees and shoulders took a beating. She appreciates that the coaches can help her modify movements, which has allowed her to strengthen those parts of her body that seemed like a lost cause.

Bri brings laughter to every class. She keeps our members smiling with her perfectly times memes and witty one-liners. Her self-deprecating humor opens the door for us all to laugh at ourselves and not take things too seriously…which is sometimes the exact mentality you need during a grueling workout.

If you’re looking to change up your fitness regimen, look no further. Bri says, “Come to Rock Fitness. It’s literally all levels of fitness. It’s a fun environment, it’s a safe environment. Just come, just try it, just do it.”

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