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Jill Nieto...Inevitably Inspirational

By Natalie Moncrief

Jill is a 38-year-old cardiac tech at a local hospital. She has a 7-year-old daughter and has been a member of Rock Fitness for one year.

Jill has always enjoyed being active and has played soccer her whole life. Before joining Rock Fitness she used to inconsistently work out at traditional gyms. She’d usually start off with personal training and then stick to the machines and movements she was comfortable with.

Being a member at Rock Fitness has positively influenced Jill’s life in many ways, including helping her understand what a healthy lifestyle means, gaining confidence, and improving self-discipline. She’s developed a passion for fitness and has a desire to share it with others!

One of Jill’s favorite things about training at Rock Fitness is the community. She gets excited to go to the gym because she knows she’s going to be surrounded by positive people, learn something new, and challenge herself. Not only does she love the community as a whole but she also loves the coaching staff. She appreciates the level of individual attention given to each athlete, and the fact that they keep you moving through your workout without letting you fall victim to your inner critic. Jill is a super fan of the fitness and nutrition challenges hosted by Rock Fitness. She’s benefited from the well-rounded nature of the challenges and had fun in the process!

Jill is most proud of the new skills that she’s acquired during her time at Rock Fitness (e.g., double unders, pull-ups, rope climbs, and handstand push-ups). Additionally, she’s been impressed with the fact that both her pre-existing conditions (an injured knee and scoliosis) have improved over the course of her time with Rock Fitness. With patience and proper coaching, Jill has been able to build the muscles in her body to support rehabilitation without medical intervention.

If you’re interested in starting your fitness journey at Rock Fitness Jill says, “Come on down and give it a try and have fun with us! Do yourself a favor…it’s a safe place and a judgement free atmosphere.”

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