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Laura Stoloski...Leading by Example

By Natalie Moncrief

Laura Stoloski is a 38-year-old mother of three girls. She is one of the original members of Rock Fitness, starting out of the owner’s garage just over four years ago. Laura has always been active, playing soccer through high school. As an adult she’s been a member at one gym or another but struggled with attendance and motivation. When she did go, she’d spend hours at the gym but wasn’t ever sure if she got a “good” workout. She found group classes to be overcrowded and impersonal.

Working out at Rock Fitness has had a positive influence in her life by making her stronger mentally and physically, pushing her out of her comfort zone to do things she never thought she could. Most importantly it has changed her outlook on fitness, allowing her to enjoy exercise rather than it feeling like a chore that must be checked off of her to-do list.

Laura’s favorite aspects of Rock Fitness include the people, the workout programming and environment, and the flexibility to bring her kids. The members are supportive, the coaches are motivating, and she appreciates the accountability that comes along with such a tight knit community. The workouts are well-rounded, efficiently coached in a short amount of time, and modifiable so that they can be done by anyone regardless of fitness level. She appreciates that the owner and coaches accommodate member needs such as bringing children.

She’s most proud of her continued consistency. Not only has she has been a member of Rock Fitness longer than at any other gym, she’s been more consistent over the last four years than at any other time. Her renewed interest in exercise has allowed her to be a role model for her daughters. They see her promoting a healthy lifestyle by going to the gym multiple days a week, having a positive attitude and self-image, demonstrating confidence, and practicing habits that influence other areas of life.

When Laura was pregnant with her third child, modified workouts were provided so that Laura felt safe but still got an effective workout. She was able to maintain her routine for almost the entire pregnancy and, consequently, felt that this was her best pregnancy.

If you’re considering joining Rock Fitness Laura says, “Go for it, you won’t be disappointed!” The members are welcoming, you won’t be intimidated, the coaches will help you achieve your goals, you’ll have fun along the way, and you’ll do something positive for yourself.

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