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Leah Duck...Lifting Weights & Spirits

by Natalie Moncrief

Leah Duck is retired military. She’s married with 5 children and has lived in California for 5 years. Having served in the military for over 20 years, fitness played a major role in her life. After retiring from the military, she hopped around to various gyms but was drawn to Rock Fitness after seeing a Nutrition Challenge advertised on social media. Leah lost 15 pounds during the Challenge and fell in love with the idea of functional fitness. Although she took a brief hiatus, she was back after about 6 months and has now been a member of Rock Fitness for almost 2 years.

Rock Fitness has been a positive influence in Leah’s life because it’s helped her become more aware of her nutrition. She’s also been able to overcome movement barriers, in large part due to the positivity and encouragement of the members, the dedication of the coaches, and the goal-oriented programming. Leah’s time at Rock Fitness has allowed her to achieve a balance between strength training, Taekwondo, and family activities.

Leah is not alone in having pre-existing injuries that sometimes prevent her from performing the workout movements as written. One of the reasons she enjoys Rock Fitness so much is the ability of the coaches and the programming to accommodate modifications. She’s happy that her cardiorespiratory fitness has improved over the last couple years, something she knows is critical to maintain as she ages and must keep up with the demands of raising a young and active son. Rock Fitness is like a family for Leah. When she retired and moved to California, she no longer had the built-in family that comes along with a military career…but she was able to find her people, a family, at Rock Fitness.

Leah loves watching her fellow athletes achieve goals because it pushes her to work harder and go faster. She’s proud of accomplishing box jumps and pushing past weight plateaus on some of the barbell lifts. Leah is also proud of her consistency and ability to show up, making workouts part of her daily routine.

If you’ve ever considered joining Rock Fitness Leah says, “If you want a good time…you want to be pushed…you want a small goal, even it’s just to show up…you’ll always be encouraged to do that!”

Leah will be moving to Dubai soon. Leah has become an integral part of our Rock Fit Fam, always a smile on her face and an encouraging word to share. She will truly be missed.

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