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3 Tips to Surviving Your Next Party

Tis' the season for PARTIES!!! Graduation, birthdays, weddings, end of school, beginning for Summer, pool parties, Tuesdays...the list goes on. We seem to be able to find a reason to celebrate (or rather eat and drink) for everything. This can be detrimental to our nutrition! Try these 3 tips to surviving your next party without killing your diet.

1. Go for the PROTEIN

Most party foods are naturally high in carbs and fats. Try to intentionally look for protein. For example, if they are serving hamburgers grab a pattie and skip the cheese and bun, add a little fruit on the side and you have a satisfying meal that is macro friendly. You can avoid around 300+ calories with this simple sub.


We all know going to a grocery store when we're hungry doesn't end well. Same with parties. Eat a healthy, well balanced meal before attending the party. When you get there you will be less likely to overindulge!

3. Stick with WATER

Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages can be loaded with sugar and unnecessary calories. Some drinks contain up to 400 calories, times that by 3 because you know you can't just have one! Drinking water has several benefits besides being calorie free. Not only will you be well hydrating in the heat but you'll skip the hangover!

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