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10 Tips to better sleep

Good, quality sleep is connected to our health in so many ways, our weight, energy, mood and ability to focus. Many of our daily habits dictate the quality of our sleep. Here are a few tips to get better rest.

1. Track the quality and quality daily. You can't improve what you don't know. Even if you change nothing just being aware of your habits will subconsciously

2. Create a routine. I remember when I was trying to sleep train my first child we created a bedtime routine, bath, bottle, bed. Just like a child, doing the same thing every night at the same time will signal our body's to sleep.

3. 10pm-2am = BEST Sleep. You get the best quality sleep between the hours of 10pm and 2am. Plan your schedule to go to bed before 10pm.

4. Limit liquids 2 hours before bed. You're less likely to wake and use the restroom with less fluids.

5. Don't drink alcohol. Drinking alcohol can make you sleepy, but that doesn't mean you'll get sleep good quality sleep. In fact you are more likely to toss and turn after consuming alcohol.

6. Avoid caffeine after 12pm. The half life of a cup of coffee is around 4-6 hours. If we work backwards (in hopes being ready for bed by 10pm) lunchtime is the cutoff time!

7. Try a weighted blanket. The idea behind a weighted blanket is that you little move less keeping you asleep longer. My husband swears by his!

8. Avoid all screens 1 hour before bed. Your phone, TV and computers all admit blue light. Blue light is very disruptive to deep sleep. No more scrolling instagram in bed.

9. Sleep in darkness. Try a sleep mask!

10. Room Temperature 62-68 degrees. This is the optimal temperature for the best quality sleep.

Hope that helps! Let me know which tips you try and if they work for you.

-Sweet dreams

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