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Barbara Trammell...Beautiful inside and Out

By Natalie Moncrief

Barbara Trammell has been with Rock Fitness since it began in Jamie’s garage in 2016. She’s grateful to have been an integral part of its growth into the fitness community that it is today. She began working out when she was 18, using the latest VHS tape trends or attending traditional and boutique gyms. However, when she discovered Rock Fitness she found her happy place.

A self-proclaimed introvert, Barbara has been positively influenced by Rock Fitness challenging her to step outside of her comfort zone and become a coach as well as participate in functional fitness competitions.

One of Barbara’s favorite aspects of Rock Fitness is the community that it’s fostered. Not only are the members supportive of one another during workouts but the relationships go beyond the gym. She also enjoys the opportunity to work out with her husband, which has allowed them to develop a commonality that transcends trying to beat each other in the workouts.

As a coach, Barbara feels enormous pride when the members achieve PRs, master movements, or reach personal goals because she knows that in some small way she helped them in the process. On a personal level, she is proud of joining the “200 Club” with Deadlifts, linking her Toes To Bar, and stringing together larger sets of Double Unders.

Something folks may not know about Barbara is that she LOVES movie trivia! She’s been accused by her husband of having a “freaky recall” ability when it comes to anything movie related. Something everyone knows about Barbara is that she is AWESOME! She has an amazing smile, a beautiful heart, and a fabulously witty sense of humor.

If you’re thinking of joining Rock Fitness Barbara says, “Sign up and show up.” Once you walk in the door, you’ll find yourself in a friendly judgement free zone and have a great workout. Rock Fitness is place where you can appreciate what your body can do.

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