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Tim Fife...Prescription for Success

by Natalie Moncrief

Tim Fife has been a member of Rock Fitness for about a year and a half. He is a physician and shares the joys of parenting 5 young children with his beautiful wife.

Before joining Rock Fitness, Tim used to run or do whatever it took just to “check the box” for exercising, but nothing that really helped him progress in a meaningful way. He tried group fitness classes but felt like he plateaued after a while as the workouts didn’t vary much. He eventually wanted something that would push him, but at the same time not take very long so he could manage his busy work schedule and have more time to spend with his family.

Rock Fitness has had a positive influence in his life because he’s been able to record his workouts and track his progress. He enjoys not only the physical gratification of his early morning workouts, but also appreciates being able to see the results on paper, so to speak.

Although there are many things that Tim likes about working out at Rock Fitness (e.g., the camaraderie and accountability that are fostered within the community), he has really benefited from the small class sizes. The ability of the coaches to give personal feedback to the athletes has helped him learn new skills and make improvements in technique.

Tim is most proud of reaching his goal to do most of the workouts as prescribed. Hitting the “RX” benchmarks has come with consistency and patience in developing new skills, including an understanding of the strategies that are behind every workout.

Tim’s biggest excuse for not having a regimented fitness routine was that he thought he didn’t have enough time. He realized that the programming at Rock Fitness got him in and out quickly, and the high intensity workouts gave him the biggest bang for his buck. “If you are wanting to maybe see some improvements in your physical health, but also how you feel about yourself…it’s a great place to be.”

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