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Natalie Moncrief...Small but Mighty

By Jamie Wuerthner

Natalie joined Rock Fitness about 3 years ago, looking for an exercise program to help her push past the plateau she’d reached in her fitness journey. She very quickly fell in love with the workouts and community that Rock Fitness had to offer…so much so that she joined the coaching staff a year and a half later! She’s 44 years old, married with four children and her education is in Wildlife Biology. In her early 20’s you could find her in the woods “hooting” for owls.

Natalie considers Rock Fitness her second home…and the other members her extended family. Some of her favorite memories over the last few years have been made while participating in functional fitness competitions with other Rock Fitness members.

Natalie grew up with a mother who worked in the fitness industry and a father who played and coached sports…so it’s not surprising that she eventually gravitated to fitness coaching. As a coach she wants to be an example of living a healthy lifestyle and help others learn how to make themselves a priority. Natalie’s goal is to better understand where her athletes are coming from and where they want to go in their fitness journey.

Don’t let Natalie’s small, petite stature fool you…she is a focus to be reckoned with, both physically and mentally. Since training at Rock Fitness Natalie is most proud of her gymnastics and lifting accomplishments. She enjoys learning new things and Rock Fitness has provided the outlet for her to do just that, from double-unders to handstand push-ups to kipping pull-ups to toes-to-bar. She’s seen a significant increase in her overall stamina and strength, particularly with barbell lifts.

As an athlete and a coach she loves the support, encouragement, motivation, and accountability that the community provides. Natalie loves the workouts but even if she didn’t she “would still come just to see the people.

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