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Shauna Krantz...Can't Stop, Won't Stop

By Natalie Moncrief

Shauna Krantz has been a member of Rock Fitness for the last two and a half years. She’s 39 years old, married, and has been a stay-at-home-mom to her three children for 11 years. She has a Master’s in Educational Technology, Bachelor’s in Kinesiology, and K-6 teaching credential. Her passion has always been sports; track and field (relays, pole vaulting, racing, and cross country), field hockey, and softball. She also has a passion for cooking and has been helping people meal prep for over a year. Being at Rock Fitness has re-inspired her to get back into fitness and nutrition. Prior to being at Rock Fitness Shauna was inconsistent when it came to training. She joined gyms and never went or would get into running for a couple months but then stop for six months. Rock Fitness has been a positive influence for Shauna by giving her confidence inside and outside of the gym. She has been successful in losing 35+ pounds…and keeping it off! The people at Rock Fitness are what Shauna values the most. They are like her tribe and hold her accountable. They are a big reason why she has maintained consistency in getting to the gym. “They make a bad day good.”  Shauna’s most proud of her consistency and strength gains since being a member of Rock Fitness. She understands that working on your fitness and being healthy are hard. It’s been hard for her, but she’s shown up (even when she didn’t want to) and her results are proof of what being consistent can achieve. One of the benefits of her consistency was discovering how strong she could become…and she’s excited for more! If you’re considering joining Rock Fitness, Shauna says, “Don’t be intimidated. It’s a welcoming environment. If you can get through the first week of being uncomfortable, you’ll love it! It really did change my life."

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