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Chalking It Up with Dalyn Bush

By Natalie Moncrief

Dalyn Bush joined the Rock Fitness team about 10 months ago. His wife, Amanda, had joined the team first, but soon thereafter convinced Dalyn to give it a try. Dalyn has two young children and is a consistent “early bird” at the gym.

In the three years prior to joining Rock Fitness, Dalyn had done little to no exercise. With no specific goals in place, other than to get healthier and stronger, he joined our team and embraced a completely new style of fitness training than he’d ever done before. The change in lifestyle was, admittedly, a good shock to his body. Training at Rock Fitness has changed his life by providing a motivation destination…an outlet where he can energize for the day. His frame of mind has improved which has had a positive impact at work and at home. One unexpected side effect of Dalyn’s decision to join our team is that he no longer has any knee pain. He had struggled with knee pain for years (no injuries or surgeries…just sore, clicking, popping knees since high school), but since he started working out at Rock Fitness the pain has disappeared!

Dalyn enjoys training at Rock Fitness because the workouts are constantly varied, challenging, and fun, the class sizes are small, the coaches can give personal attention to everyone, and it has a more intimate vibe than larger gyms where you are lost in a sea of faces. Although Dalyn was familiar with Olympic lifting, he had never really felt comfortable with gymnastic movements or even jumping rope. He appreciates being challenged to learn new movements and considers them a work in progress.

If you want to give Rock Fitness a try, Dalyn says that even though the workouts may seem daunting and intimidating, “No matter where you’re at in your fitness level…the coaches and trainers are smart enough and they’re good enough to basically adapt anything to wherever you’re at in your fitness level. Come try it, see how it goes, and enjoy!”

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