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Dan Cunningham

It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane,It’s SuperDan!

Dan Cunningham joined Rock Fitness about a year ago after a friend convinced him to give it a try. He was training for a Spartan race and was told that Rock Fitness would push him to work harder than he ever had before…his friend was not wrong! Before joining our team, Dan worked out with friends a couple times a week, biked, and just tried to stay active. Rock Fitness has since pushed his workout style to another level.

Rock Fitness has given Dan a sense of discipline when it comes to being consistent with his workouts because he knows that there’s always someone there to push him to try things he never thought he’d do. In fact, Dan competed in his first functional fitness competition earlier this year and absolutely crushed it!!

Dan enjoys the personal training vibe that comes with the small class sizes. He appreciates that the coaches can give personal attention to form and push you to do your very best on any given day. He thinks training at Rock Fitness is unique in that accountability is unavoidable…you’re missed when you’re not there. Being a part of our community has challenged him to keep showing up and making strides in his fitness goals.

Dan is a husband, father to three girls, and runs product development for a local startup software firm. Needless to say, he is a very busy guy…but he makes his fitness a priority and gets to the gym at every opportunity.

Dan recognizes that our team is comprised of people at all different fitness levels, but there is no judgment. If you’re thinking of joining Rock Fitness, Dan says, “Go for it…it’s a great place to work out!”

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1 comentário

Barbara Trammell
Barbara Trammell
01 de set. de 2019

Dan you're just a totally cool dude who always makes me smile! So happy I get to work out with you and am super proud of all your gains!

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