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Jennifer Cappalo

What A Difference A Year Makes…

Jen Cappalo joined Rock Fitness about a year ago after moving to the area from Southern California. She is a married mother of two beautiful daughters. After her first born she connected with mom/stroller workout groups. She was a year postpartum with her second child when she joined our team, in her first attempt at getting back into the gym.

She originally joined in order to participate in a nutrition challenge Rock Fitness was offering. She was looking for accountability and motivation to get back into shape and eat healthy…an opportunity for a reboot for her family’s lifestyle. What she ended up finding was a great community, a place to make friends. She loves that there is a pool of people who care about her and she can trust for something like a babysitter recommendation. Jen says that she came for fitness and nutrition and ended up falling in love with the people and the atmosphere created at Rock Fitness. She recognizes that when you know the people you workout with, and see them on a daily basis, there is a sense of belonging…you’re not anonymous. She looks forward to seeing her fellow teammates-turned-friends and catching up with them.

Since day one, Jen has taken a very intentional approach to her training. She works hard to understand the concepts behind the workouts and focuses on form development with great precision. She recently competed in her first functional fitness competition and did an outstanding job! Jen encourages people to give Rock Fitness a try. She appreciates that the coaches meet people where they’re at on their fitness journey. “If you’re looking for strength, if you’re looking for nutrition, if you’re looking for community…all of those things are available here.”

Considering Rock Fitness was the first gym that Jen joined after moving to Rocklin, we feel pretty darn lucky she found her groove with us and decided to stay put. Home is where you hang your jump rope!

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1 Comment

Barbara Trammell
Barbara Trammell
Oct 04, 2019

Jen you are a such an amazing person and workout partner! You're so giving and thoughtful - and there has been many times when I felt like slowing down in my workout but you pushed me to finish strong. I'm so happy you joined Rock Fitness a year ago - you are such a part of this community of great people! I love watching you continue to get stronger and faster - keep up the great work!!!

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