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Be Kind, Be Humble, but Be A Beast...

Tara has been with Rock Fitness since it began in Coach Jamie's garage over 3 years ago. Before joining Rock Fitness, Tara tried traditional gyms and organized circuits but with no results and continued frustration. She felt lost and didn't benefit from her memberships.

In addition to being a wife and mother of two young girls, Tara works a full-time alternative schedule as a nurse. Tara does what it takes to get to the gym and her consistency has resulted in massive strength and mobility gains, enhanced sleep, increased energy, and improved mental wellness...all helpful in fulfilling her roles as wife, mother, and nurse. She's doing things she never thought possible, like participating in functional fitness competitions. Tara has competed several times, and in the process has learned a lot about herself.

Her definition of fitness has evolved and her goals have become more healthy. She knows what true fitness encompasses...that it's not just a number on the scale. She is a positive role model for her two daughters, who have been watching her kick butt in the gym since day one!

Tara loves her workout community and coaches and appreciates the positive and supportive environment. "We're all here working on something a little different but we can all still cheer each other on and win together." This mentality is exactly what makes Tara a model athlete in that she is considerate, supportive to other athletes, and works hard during every workout with zero complaining.

Tara's motto is "Just show up!" We all start somewhere, and with the welcoming presence at Rock Fitness you are sure to find your groove (no matter your skill level) because everything is modifiable.

"If you can just get here, show up, you'll be successful."

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1 Comment

Barbara Trammell
Barbara Trammell
Aug 02, 2019

So awesome Tara!!!! You're a rockstar and I always look forward to days when we get to train together!!! Love ya!!!

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