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Rebecca Hanson

There’s No Substitute For Consistency

A friend introduced Rebecca Hanson to Rock Fitness about two years ago, and she’s never looked back! She is a mother of four, a full-time homeschool teacher, and loves to run, read, and socialize.

Before joining Rock Fitness, Rebecca did a lot of running and experimented with a variety of exercise methods. She always enjoyed working out but never really did weightlifting or HIIT.

Training at Rock Fitness has allowed Rebecca to push and challenge herself harder than ever before. She is now goal setting and "competing" against herself more often.

Rebecca enjoys the friendships she's developed and the positive environment at the gym. She likes the smaller class sizes at Rock Fitness, which allows the coaches to give personal attention to each member. She admits that the workouts are challenging but doable. The coaches meet you at your fitness level but challenge you to push your limits, so you get better every time.

If you're considering Rock Fitness Rebecca says, “You should come try it! It's really fun!! It's challenging…you’re going to be sore…but it's so worth it!!! You'll see changes in your body, you’ll see changes in your mindset about how you view fitness. You'll come and enjoy the interpersonal relationships you have with other people and with coaches, and it’ll be a positive experience in your life.”

Rebecca's most proud of the skills she's developed while being a member of Rock Fitness. She recently got her Toes-To-Bar and PR’ed her Deadlift by 30 pounds! She’s also closer than she’s ever been to getting a strict pull-up and is happy with her progress. She believes her consistency has led to all these accomplishments.

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1 Comment

Barbara Trammell
Barbara Trammell
Nov 01, 2019

Rebecca, I am so incredibly proud of all the amazing fitness gains you've achieved so far!!! You have a positive and caring spirt that shines through whenever you walk through the door!! I absolutely love having you in my class and love, love that I can talk to you about anything!!! Also, it's nice so nice that we have similar goals and weight designs......competing with you is more fun than it should be :).. You my friend, are a Rockstar!!!! With love, Barb

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